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Professional Consultancy Services

At ICFE Group of Companies, we are dedicated to fraud risk management, investigation & prevention in all its forms.
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Conferences & Seminars

Find out more about our upcoming Conferences and Seminars
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ICFE People Skill Development

ICFE also aims to share its expertise with working professionals / organisations who wish to stay abreast of the latest developments in corporate and soft skills.
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In-House Training

Our range of topics is tailored and designed according to your organisations' needs
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Occurrences of fraudulent activities have increased and fraudsters’ modus operandi is evolving in complexity. Businesses need to be prepared to contain and manage the crisis when things go wrong. Companies are exposed to various types of fraud such as corruption and bribery; misappropriation of assets; information theft; management conflict of interest; internal financial fraud; and the list goes on.

Our Group Managing Director & Chief Fraud Examiner, STANLEY CHIA share his thought in this series’ inaugural article titled ‘Are we doing enough to challenge fraud?’. READ MORE..


ICFE will be inviting experts to share their thoughts on various topics in fraud, corruption, AML, compliance etc. Stay tuned to our website. If you wish to contribute an article, you can email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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ICFE Fraud Risk Management Programme consist of a full suite of initiatives aimed to Prevent, Detect and Counteract Fraud & Misconduct [Find Out More]  

Our Business

ICFE Group of Companies are dedicated to Fraud Risk Management, Investigation & Prevention in all its forms.
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Stay abreast of the latest developments in Corporate and Anti-Fraud Measures from ICFE's Conferences & Seminars. 
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Designed for the enhancement of soft-skills and knowledge of our participants from all levels of management
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ICFE In-House training are designed to suit the needs of each individual and their organisations.  
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